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Found Property

Found Property

Pursuant to Title 50 of the Connecticut General Statutes, found property is to be held for a period of six-months. If the property is unclaimed upon expiration of the six-month time period, the property then becomes eligible to be claimed by the finder, turned over to the Town of Putnam, turned over to the State of Connecticut Property Examiner or destroyed.  


Location Item Date Case number
 MGX Bike  11/1/16  16-9829/16-285-PR
Pacific Out Back Bike 12/13/16 16-10962/16-301-PR
Red Back Pack 11/3/16 16-9633/16-275-PR
Back Pack 12/22/16 16-10818/16-300-PR
Brown Purse  2/8/17 16-11051/17-3-PR
Wallet  5/24/17 17-4620/17-79-PR
Set of Keys  5/24/17 17-4818/17-90-PR
RedLine Bike  5/25/17 17-4745/17-89-PR
 Silver Mongoose Bike  5/25/17  17-3273/17-40-PR
 Next Mountain Bike  5/25/17  17-4328/17-71-PR
 RoadMaster Bike  5/25/17  17-5017/17-114-PR
 Yellow/Blk Mountain Bike  5/25/17  17-4984/17-113-PR
 Black Hyper Bike  7/25/17  17-5738/17-184-PR
 Blue/Blk Mountain Bike  7/25/17  17-6838/17-193-PR
 Huffy Fortress Bike  7/25/17  17-6977/17-195-PR

For all found property or evidence questions, please contact Evidence Specialist Mike Picard or Sergeant Justin Lussier at
The Putnam Police Department 860-928-6565
email: mike.picard@putnampolice.com * justin.lussier@putnampolice.com