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How to Obtain a Pistol Permit

How to Obtain a Pistol Permit

Pistol Permit Applications may be dropped off at our department at any time. Online Application forms are available.

Pistol Permit Application Form

Steps to Obtaining a Pistol Permit



  1. You must be a U.S. Citizen.
  2. You must never have been convicted of a felony.
  3. You must be at least 21 years of age.
  4. You must complete and have notarized the application provided.
  5. You must submit two (2) color pictures of yourself (approximately 1” x 1” in size).
  6. You must submit a copy of your birth certificate.
  7. You must submit copies of any current out of state permits.
  8. Temporary permits are valid for 60 days only, and cannot be renewed. If your temporary permit expires, applicants must reapply before applying for a state permit.
  9. Along with the application, you must submit a check or money order. District Residents: Fingerprints free/ check for $70.00 for processing and a check for $88.25 for background check, made out to the Putnam Police Department.   Residents of East&West Putnam:  Fingerprints $20.00, Background check $88.25, check should be made out for $108.25 made payable to the Putnam Police Department. Payment will be sent to the Department of Public Safety.
  10. Once your temporary permit has been issued, it is your responsibility to pick up the state permit and submit a check or money order in the amount of $70.00 made out to Treasurer, State of Connecticut for the completed state permit.

      **** New Rates Effective December 28, 2018****

Thank you, and please call the department or email Carole at carole.pacheco@putnampolice.com  if you have any questions regarding the above steps.

For more information regarding Pistol Permit Applications check out DESPP CT State Pistol Permit